Placement & Internship

Placement Committee

The Placement Committee aims at quality placements for the graduating students. The College invites experts to train and orient students to face the professional world once they step out. Workshops are conducted for drafting and other hands- on training exercises. Placement Committee also conducts legal ethics and career guidance sessions for the students. The Committee invites Law firms and Companies for campus recruitments. We have a large number of students being placed through Placement Committee of RCL.

We always endevour to help our students to get recruited to the best legal and allied organizations of repute.

We also organize training on skill development and also provide them with mock interviews etc., for equipping them to face the interview board. Our track record of placements is something to be proud of.

Placement Committee has invited many leading law firms & companies for campus recruitment and many of our students are placed with attractive pay packages. To mention a few leading names:


Name of the Company


1 Anup S Shah Associates Law Firm Bangalore
2 Sundaraswamy & Ramadas Advocates Bangalore
3 Pramata Legal Bangalore
4 Infosys Bangalore
5 Thomson Reuters Pvt Ltd, Bangalore / Mumbai / Delhi
6 Lexport Bangalore
7 Thakur and Sinha Law Office Bangalore
8 Uday Shankar Associates Bangalore
9 Link Legal India Law Services Bangalore, Hyderabad
10 Fox Mandal Law Firm Bangalore
11 Trialbase Law Firm Bangalore
12 Infosys Bangalore
13 Thiru&Thiru Law Firm Bangalore
14 Exide Life Insurance Bangalore
15 L.R. Swami I.P.Firm Bangalore
16 Wipro Ltd Bangalore
17 Pramata Bangalore
18 Cpf- India Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
19 Morae Global Corporation Bangalore



As per KSLU syllabus students are required to do a total 20 weeks internship during their course.

Guidelines for students regarding the Pattern of Internship Diary.

  1. The Diary shall be handwritten personally by the student in A4 size paper and neatly bound.
  2. Comb & Spiral bindings are prohibited
  3. On the cover page, mention only the Registration Number of the candidate and College Code
  4. 1st page shall be the certificate by the Course teacher & Principal showing the number of days the students attended the NGO, Trial & Appellate Advocates, Judiciary, Legal Regulatory authorities, Legislatures and Parliament, Other Legal Functionaries, Market Institutions, Law Firms Companies & Local Self Governments. The Diary should reflect the true statements of work done / undertaken by the candidate
  5. 2nd page content: Contents should be in chronological order of the activities indication the candidate’s participation.
  6. Next Pages :
  1. Organization : How, When Where and by whom the activity / Programs was organized
  2. Observation: Candidate’s clean account of what actually transpired during the event / Programs

Inference: Opinion of the candidate based on his participation in th