Anti Ragging Committee

To address and curb the menace of ragging, the University Grants Commission has enacted the ‘UGC Regulation on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009’. In accordance with this regulation, Ramaiah College of Law has constituted the anti-ragging committee.

Composition of the Committee:

Mr. Abhijit B, Assistant Professor (Law) Presiding Officer
Ms. Anjali Prabhakaran, Assistant Professor (Law) Member
Mr. Siddappa, Assistant Professor (PE Instructor) Member
Ms. Brinda Balaji, Assistant Professor (Pol. Science) Member
Mr. Sagar A, Assistant Professor (English) Member

Objectives of the Committee:

The committee is tasked with the responsibility of furthering the ideals of the UGC Regulation and any other laws put in place with regards to the menace of ragging by the Governments of India and or the State of Karnataka.

Functions of the Committee:

  • To Prevent, Prohibit, and Redress any and all forms and instances of Ragging in the College.
  • To educate the students on the meaning of ragging and what constitutes it.
  • To educate the students on the ill-effects of ragging and the consequences, including legal consequences of indulging in ragging.
  • To conduct awareness programmes on the menace of ragging, its impact, consequences and redressal mechanism available.
  • To enquire into any instances of ragging that have been reported, and if necessary, take all appropriate action against the students found to have indulged in ragging.
  • Assist the Principal and other authorities of Ramaiah College of Law if necessary, in notifying the appropriate authorities in cases of ragging.

To report any instances of ragging, write to - .