The Placement and Internship Committee of the Institution envisions that the students of RCL shall use their skills gained in the law school to learn, gain experience and create an impact in society with regard to their internships during their times in law school or their employment post law school.


The RCL Placement and Internship Committee’s objectives include:

  • creating a platform for students of the Institution to obtain meaningful internship opportunities during their time in the law school; and
  • create opportunities for their placement into employment in a variety of fields ranging from but not limited to law to public policy.

Composition of the committee

The composition of the Placement and Internship Committee is:

Mr. Jaykiran C Member
Mr. Pavan V, Assistant Professor of Law. Placement Officer, RCL
Mr. Jayakiran C, Assistant Professor of Law. Coordinator, Placement Committee, RCL


The functions of the Placement and Internship Committee of the Institution includes:

  • providing soft skills training to students on communication, legal skills and management.
  • assistance in networking and profile building of students.
  • Creating a database of students available for placement.
  • Creating a database of organizations available for hiring.
  • Assisting students with calls for internship either received by the law school or brought to the committee by the students.
  • Maintenance and improvement of networking among law firms, policy and think tanks and other organizations.

Placement Policy

Placement Report

Recruiters of RCL