Sports Committee of Ramaiah College of Law provides an opportunity to the students to showcase their sports skills and bestows on them the resources to hone their skills so as to make them eligible to compete at the elite level, and promotes a state of physical well- being.


The composition of the SPORTS Committee is as follows:

  • Ms. Rimli Rajan, Assistant Professor of Law & Member
  • Mr. Sagar A, Assistant Professor of Law & Member


  1. To provide a platform for the students and the faculty members to involve themselves in the sporting activities and thereby facilitate them in becoming a fitter individuals.
  2. To also bring in professionals from various sports and aid students in learning their sport.
  3. To help the students and faculty members understand their fitness levels by administering fitness test and aiding them with guidance to be more fit.


  1. To organize the Intra and Inter-Collegiate Sports Tournaments/ Competitions
  2. To conduct the training sessions for the students with the aid of sport professionals
  3. To facilitate the participation of students in various sports competitions suggested by the sports committee.
  4. To organize recreational sports activities for faculty members and students
  5. To provide resources for students to improve in their sport.


Core committee of Students will be constituted with 8 students (4 girls and 4 boys), who will be selected based on their previous sports achievements and their interest in the sports.

Earlier Activities