The IQAC Cell of the Ramaiah College of Law organised Five Days Faculty Development Programme on ERP from 20 th to 24 th September, 2021. The main objective behind this quality initiative was to provide hands on training on the E-Content development to the faculty members.

The first day of the programme focused on ‘Learning Management System (LMS)-Online class & Online Exam’, where the faculty members were trained on how to create class, conduct MCQ and Descriptive based online exams. The session also reflected on the manner of recording and maintaining the attendance status. On the second day, the faculty members were oriented on ‘mapping of the Course Outcome and Programme Outcome’. This session focused on how to upload internal assessment marks using the ERP portal.

On the third day of the programme, the faculty members were oriented on the ‘Task assignment through campus canvas’. The session focused on how to assign any task to others members in team and check the status of the same in a periodical manner to ensure the accomplishment of tasks in time. The fourth day of the programme emphasised on ‘Dashboard- My Details’. The session focused on the uploading details such as Research publications, Paper Presentation in Seminars/Conferences, Book Chapters, Patents sand Projects of the faculty members on the ERP portal. The last day of the session focused on how to develop E-Content.

Videos of the training sessions were circulated which enables the faculty to check and verify the different potentialities of ERP on a hands on mode manner.